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“Riding Hood” (.doc)

A sobering re-imagining of a popular fairy-tale.

“Written” (.doc)

A successful writer in a dystopian future, and a failed writer in the recent past are entangled in each-other’s narratives.

neverwinter nights module: “Hairline Cracks”

Selected short fiction

Selected non-fiction

Star Wars Fans Hate Star Wars - Special Edition
Follow-up to the acclaimed article that Timothy Zahn called
“hilarious and spot-on”. For JIVE Magazine.

Inspired Game Idea: Whale Watching
A ridiculous pitch for a ridiculous game. For

Sam Lake on Videogame Storytelling
A slashdotted dialogue with the writer of Max Payne 1 and 2 - second-most read interview with him to this day. For JIVE Magazine

Humor for

Selected short play

“The Business of Evil” (.doc)

James Bond deconstructed. See it on YouTube.

“Birds of Tunguska” (.doc)

1992. In an isolated cabin, two men confront the mystery of the infamous Siberian Fireball.

Podcast 202: Podcast Impossible!

An action movie that takes places entirely over somebody’s answering machine.

Santa Klau-au-auss

A musical examination of Santa Claus through the eyes of a foreigner.
Wanna B N Angel

A modern hip-hop ballad (like the kids like) about lofty career aspirations.